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Why Won't You

Prompt: Souji gets hurt somehow, and Yukiko brings him to a spare room at the Amagi Inn. Her obsession with Souji drives her to do some... increasingly disturbing things to keep him there. And of course, the rest of the Investigation Team wants to know where their leader is.
Word count: 2,400
Note: Dialogue heavy. Err-- only.

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The Investigation Team vs. The Deadmines

 Prompt: I would like to see the Investigation Team playing an MMORPG together, RPing (as best as they can, considering that Yosuke is among them) and getting into all kinds of silly hijinks in game.
Word count: >2000  
Note: The idea of the team playing mmorpgs is awkwardly... hilarious. Of course, nowadays mmo = World of Warcrack. And so, hey, why not?

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Persona 4: Confession of a Poet

Summary: In which Kanji writes terrible haiku, breaks his mp3 player, bangs a door and confesses to one heck of a confused girl.
Prompt: I want one of the IT members to be confessing to someone else, absolutely POSITIVE they will be rejected. So, really nervous and upset and feeling sick, borderline having a panic attack, just hoping that confessing will help to make the feeling go away. But, of course, they're accepted in the end :)
Pairing: Kanji/Yukiko
Word count: 2,310

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Persona 4: You Have Hit His Weakness

Summary: In which Rise takes particular offense at some men with ridiculously tight jeans, emulates Chie, and Kanzeon gives suggestions.
Word count: 460

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Code Geass: C.C. Saves the Day

Summary: In which C.C. sacrificed Cheese-kun and a cheap wig to save Lelouch from a painful death. Oh, and don't mention the risk of spraining her ankles with 4 inch platform shoes.
Word count: 2,580

This is something I did I think, 2 years ago? I'd like to think that my writing had improved (maybe), and my humour is funnier (okay, maybe not). It's the horror movie marathon, I tell you!

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